The Direction of Online Monitoring of Pollution Sources in 2024

The Direction of Online Monitoring of Pollution Sources in 2024

Sharon Ye
Sharon Ye

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In 2023, with the increase of economic and environmental inspection pressure of polluters, the online monitoring industry of pollution sources has experienced the internal volume of the whole industry and the whole link, while the online monitoring units in the internal volume are insisting and waiting and see, hoping to survive this difficult moment and wait for the reshaping of the order of the industry. What should we pay attention to in the face of online monitoring of pollution sources in 2024?

Online Monitoring of Equipment Innovation

In 2023, the most direct feeling of many online monitoring equipment manufacturers is that the equipment sales are sharply reduced, and the usual strategy is to maintain the performance. The main reason is the decrease in market demand, the increase of equipment brands, and the evil competition of homogeneous and inferior equipment. The essential problem lies in the lack of research and development ability and innovation ability of online monitoring equipment manufacturers. In 2024, the development and innovation of online monitoring equipment should focus on the development and innovation of online monitoring methods of pollution sources, In particular, we pay attention to the research and development of core technologies of analytical instruments, Testing and prevention of interference factors of conventional monitoring methods and principles, Do the classic methods in detail, Expand some new application areas and scenarios; Focus on the monitoring and research of different monitoring methods under different process working conditions, Different online monitoring brands should conduct deep dig research in special industries and working conditions, Develop monitoring methods and products for specific industries and working conditions, Formulate enterprise standards for industry working conditions monitoring, Online monitoring of the equipment brand industry professionalism is the equipment manufacturers need to consider the development of ideas; Strengthening the research and development of application technology compliance and standard self-certification in the field of pollutant online monitoring equipment, The manufacturer of online monitoring equipment shall meet the environmental protection technical specifications as the minimum requirements, The device has the function of preventing data fraud, At the same time, the equipment parameters affecting the monitoring data should be actively recorded, output and self-verified, It is convenient for the accuracy of data in environmental supervision and law enforcement inspection.

As part of the monitoring of pollution online monitoring law enforcement inspection problem exposure, units to monitoring work has become the content of the law enforcement inspection focus, exposure in 2023 some cases in some manual monitoring cases, the third party detection becomes a focus on monitoring object. The self-monitoring of pollutant discharge units involving online monitoring mainly includes equipment debugging, acceptance, and daily comparison and monitoring, among which the operation is not standardized, and fabricating monitoring data and forging and tampering with monitoring data have become common problems. Strengthening the supervision and management of the third-party testing units is the focus of the online monitoring work in the New Year. At the same time, the requirements of the management measures for the self-monitoring or the third-party testing units formulated and issued by the environmental management departments should also be the focus of attention. Online monitoring compliance will also be the focus of listed companies and large enterprises, and the information disclosure of polluters and online monitoring compliance in ESG reports are also an important aspect. The standardization of manual monitoring is the blind spot for the supervision of pollutant discharge units. The formation of manual monitoring management documents, the establishment of the whole process quality control system, and the whole process of manual detection an important starting points for self-monitoring and management.

 Condensable Particulate Matter

Many industries have now achieved ultra-low emissions, Particulate matter monitoring equipment has been replaced by conventional monitoring equipment with extracted ultra-low particulate matter monitoring equipment, Monitoring data were mostly at relatively low levels, Generally, being below 5 mg/m3, Some online monitoring data of particulate matter is below 1 mg/m3 for a long time, However, the concentration of PM2.5 in the air is still at relatively high levels, The transformation emissions and disguised emissions of the treatment facilities of the sewage discharge units have become the focus of attention, At the same time, the investigation of inefficient failure treatment facilities as one of the indicators, Condensable particulate matter (CPM) enters the sight of online monitoring people. In 2024 condensate particle sampling monitoring will become the focus, at the same time pollution emissions of condensate particles in water-soluble salt become its main contributor, pollution discharge water-soluble salt automatic monitoring equipment also caused the attention of the general environmental monitoring and managers, pollution discharge water-soluble salt automatic monitoring data and particulate automatic monitoring data contribution to atmospheric pollution will also be the important means of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution control.

Most of the problems in the quality of online monitoring data of pollution sources occur or are exposed to operation and maintenance links. Online monitoring is heavily dependent on operation and maintenance by application process conditions, equipment quality, selection design, environmental management, and other factors, and the importance and uncertainty of people in operation and maintenance are also the main reasons for operation and maintenance accidents. Reducing the dependence of operation and maintenance on people is a subject that many third-party operation and maintenance companies, environmental management departments, and information system units have been studying. With the establishment and implementation of off-site law enforcement and operation and maintenance management systems, intelligent operation and maintenance are gradually taking shape. Some organizations have formulated the technical specifications for off-site operation and maintenance of automatic monitoring equipment, and the application of operation and maintenance robots of automatic monitoring stations of water ecological environment, which provides ideas for the off-site operation and maintenance of automatic monitoring of fixed pollution sources. At the same time, the intelligent operation and maintenance of automatic monitoring of pollution sources should also pay attention to the recognition of management documents and management departments, and the implementation content and quality control measures of off-site operation and maintenance. Equipment manufacturers should pay attention to the development and application of maintenance-free or automatic maintenance equipment, to provide basic conditions for the standardized management of intelligent operation and maintenance from a technical perspective.

 Online Monitoring & Production Management

The online monitoring of pollution sources has always given us the impression that the supervision of the environmental management departments on emissions, and the relevant work motivation and enthusiasm of the pollutant discharge units are insufficient, which has created some monitoring equipment and data for the sake of emission monitoring, and the monitoring data have no practical significance to the pollutant discharge units. In the case of greater economic pressure on industrial enterprises, Reducing costs and increasing efficiency has become a life and death worry for industrial enterprises, In the context of improving the business environment, The development development project has become the focus of the management department, The single functions and requirements of online monitoring for environmental management and supervision can no longer meet the requirements of development, Establish the correct understanding of the online monitoring work, Let online monitoring data serve the operation of enterprise production and management facilities become the focus of polluters, At the same time, explore and update the existing online monitoring and data, Let the data reflect the operation of the governance facility, Analyzing the direction of the optimization and adjustment of the production facilities from the online monitoring data, Combing out the precise control strategies in the operation of the management facilities, Reducing the consumption of materials and water and electricity in the operation of management facilities is an important direction of industrial enterprises to reduce costs, At the same time, through the online monitoring data to timely find out the hidden danger of safety accidents in the operation of the management facilities, Reducing the loss of personnel and property in industrial enterprises is also the direction of in-depth analysis and application of online monitoring related personnel data.

In 2023 on the basis of online monitoring data off-site law enforcement and remote supervision support for environmental management departments around the contact and understanding, rather than the law enforcement and remote supervision support core is based on the depth of online monitoring data analysis, establish data model in different scenarios from a large number of online monitoring data found problems and clues, in the service of law enforcement personnel. In 2024, the in-depth analysis of online monitoring data will become the focus of environmental management, information systems, data analysis and other fields, Online monitoring data analysis will be derived from a single environmental enforcement and regulation, To serve the prevention and control of air and water ecological environment pollution, The correlation analysis of online monitoring data of pollution sources and ecological environment monitoring data will become an important starting point for ecological environment improvement; At the same time, the production and management of online monitoring data service enterprises will become the requirements of online monitoring data quality, Multi-dimensional and multi-event in-depth analysis of online monitoring data, It will also reflect the infrastructure operation and facility management level from multiple perspectives, The in-depth analysis results of relevant data may become the reference for equipment upgrading and development of online monitoring equipment manufacturers, and the support for infrastructure engineering construction and operation management, At the same time, data analysis and model exploration will also be a new highland of competition between information system construction units and data analysis units; After the operation of the environmental management department in recent years, Regarding the problems existing in the data analysis of off-site law enforcement and remote supervision and assistance, Establish the online monitoring data analysis model by industry by field, Let the online monitoring data analysis model not only serve law enforcement and regulation, More to serve the production and treatment of pollutant discharge units, Let law enforcement no longer be an inspection, More important is the service and problem-solving, Service-oriented or problem-solving off-site law enforcement or remote assistance will be the goal of in-depth analysis of online monitoring data.

 Full-scale Life-Cycle Traceability

In the daily management of online monitoring of pollution sources, there are many links and participants involved. When the quality problems of online monitoring data occur, the pollutant discharge units and operation and maintenance units often become the responsibility bearers. With the deepening of the online monitoring source, some online monitoring equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and debugging and acceptance units are notified. In 2024, the crackdown on online monitoring data fraud will maintain high pressure, and the environmental management department shall establish the whole life cycle system of online monitoring of pollution sources, realize the whole life cycle management to design, sell, manage the operation, and realize the precise management of online monitoring equipment and data, and prevent the occurrence of online monitoring data fraud. At the same time, the online monitoring whole life cycle operation management system will deepen the data analysis capability, and the online monitoring-related data products will also become a reference for the research and development innovation of different industries and different applications. The whole life cycle management of pollution sources may become the focus of online monitoring equipment manufacturers, industry organizations, pollutant discharge units, and related operation and maintenance units.

  1. Intelligent monitoring equipment
    With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, intelligent monitoring equipment will become the mainstream trend in the future. These devices have the characteristics of automation, high efficiency, and strong real-time performance, and can realize all-round monitoring and data collection of pollution sources. For example, through smart sensors and data analysis algorithms, online monitoring of multiple environmental elements such as the atmosphere, water, and soil can be achieved, providing timely and accurate monitoring data for environmental protection departments.
  2. Diversified monitoring methods
    In addition to traditional monitoring methods, more types of monitoring methods will appear in 2024 to meet the monitoring needs of different environmental pollution situations. For example, drone monitoring technology can monitor pollution sources at relatively long distances and in high spaces, and is especially suitable for areas with complex terrain such as mountains and forests. At the same time, monitoring methods based on satellite remote sensing technology will also be further developed, enabling monitoring and analysis of pollution sources in large areas and multiple locations, providing support for regional environmental governance.
  3. Data sharing and openness
    In 2024, data sharing and openness will become one of the important directions for online monitoring of pollution sources. Governments, scientific research institutions, enterprises, etc. of various countries will strengthen the construction of data-sharing platforms and promote the sharing and exchange of monitoring data. By sharing data, cross-regional and cross-border monitoring of pollution sources can be achieved, providing more comprehensive data support for global environmental governance. At the same time, data openness will also stimulate innovation vitality and attract more scientific research institutions and enterprises to participate in the research, development, and application of online monitoring technology.
  4. Precise governance strategy
    In 2024, with the continuous improvement of online monitoring technology, environmental governance strategies will also develop in a more precise direction. Through in-depth analysis and mining of monitoring data, the precise location and identification of pollution sources can be achieved, providing a scientific basis for environmental management departments to formulate targeted treatment measures. For example, targeted at specific pollution sources in a certain area, precise regulatory measures can be taken to improve governance efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Public participation and social supervision
    The development of online monitoring technology will also promote widespread public participation in environmental governance. By establishing a public monitoring network and reporting platform, all sectors of society are encouraged to actively participate in environmental monitoring and governance. Public participation can not only increase the richness and breadth of monitoring data but also improve the transparency and fairness of governance and enhance social trust and support for environmental governance.

in 2024, online monitoring of pollution sources will continue to develop in multiple directions such as intelligence, diversification, data sharing and openness, precise governance strategies, and public participation and social supervision. These new directions of attention will provide more solid technical support and social foundation for the advancement of environmental protection, and promote global environmental governance in a more scientific, efficient, and sustainable direction.


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